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   Health Reporting and Management 


This new page is dedicated to providing our puppy buyers with full disclosure of the health of our breeding parents, as well as our puppies. When Our puppy parents report to us health issues or oddities that they have witnessed in their dogs, we want to share that information with you. We want to be as open and transparent as we can be for the love of our puppies, their futures, and for the love of you, our puppy parents. 

              Here is the harsh reality of the dog/breeding world. Science and what is healthy and what is not, changes every day. We try as hard as we can to always err on the side of healthy and stay on the current testing/protocol as is dictated by the experts. Any time I hear of a new way to upgrade my health protocol, I do. Even with all of the tests, and feeding care, environmental cautions etc., we still have dogs that come down with illness. It is very unfortunate, and painful for any breeder who loves these little lives. EVERY BREEDER has health challenges that come up in their breeding. It isn't spoken about much because it is harshly judged in the Purebred world. If a reputable breeder discloses any health issues, there are those who are just waiting to hear it and gossip about it and use it to discredit even the most careful best breeders, as to make themselves look greater. I don't have time for those kids of people in my life.

 I am dedicated to doing what is best for these puppies and those who trust me and High Mesa Standards as their breeder of choice. There are a LOT of breeders out there! And many that even claim that they are great breeders, BUT if they are not willing to admit that there are issues in their puppies, they are not doing the BEST they can do for them. They can claim all the testing and titling in the world, but if they are not disclosing their health to one another, or worse, lying about the health records of the puppies they are producing, how is that really doing what is best for the puppies?

            In order to stay accountable and allow anyone who is searching and may even be researching to hear the good, bad and ugly of the dog breeding life, we have videos of daily life, testing, vet care, and training that we do here, AND NOW, are adding a health report page that you can view before deciding on a puppy for your family. You may also text me directly at the number below, and add any issues to this list including behavioral. Even though behavior is hard to judge at a distance weather the dog is the issue or the trainer lol.

So Far, this is what we have to report to you:

NOTE: I am not adding any of the puppy's new names, as well as ower's names in order to respect their privacy. If you 'would like to ask them questions, I MAY be able to get permission


LITTER 1 Breezy/Parker litter (Oceanic Litter) 7/26/19

10 puppies in litter

one killed accidentally by mama nesting

3 acquired an autoimmune disease from what was believed getting a Leptospirosis vaccine at 7 weeks

all 3 deceased after about a year

6 healthy with no known issues


Litter 2- Breezy/Bandit (Rocky Mountain Litter) 8/19/2020

9 puppies all born healthy 

Mesa- reported a fatty cyst (non cancerous) removed from shoulder

no other reports on this litter 

Litter 3-Breezy/Bandit (Caribbean Islands Litter)

9 puppies born all healthy

Jamaica-reported having Chicken allergies.(food)

Dominica-reported bloat that was repaired and has been well since

Cayman-reported growing pains that resolved after teen age

Montego- reported bloating, having gastropexy, and then bloating and tearing the gastropexy and eventually not recovering from bloat-deceased

everyone else has been healthy

Litter 4-Breezy/Bandit(Colorado's famous 14er's Litter)

10 puppies born, all healthy

Shavano- reported have 2 seizures, and has gone through extensive testing to understand why, with no conclusion yet, but has an irregular heartbeat that is unlikely the cause, but possible. I will update her as we know more.

Blanca- has reported acquiring Addison's. After seeing the vet to discover Addison's, because of an uneducated decision to administer too much steroid, already being fully vaccinated against Parvo, she also contracted parvo at the vet, and almost died from the incident. It was only by the owner's amazing love and understanding of medical issues that she was able to get her to a hospital that specializes in Trauma such as this, and saved her life. She is back to 100% they say. She is SO LOVED, and I am also so thankful they had insurance. She also strongly urges everyone to look into insurance for their beloved pets.

Breezy(her mother) has been retired and Spayed in Leu of this information, which were our plans anyways, but because there is no way of testing for Addison's predisposition, we must move ahead with breeding until we get one of these grim cases and then, if it happens, we don't use that pairing again.

This is when we introduced Pierce as our new Stud for our program. Pierce had a healthy beginning, with no reports of puppy illnesses, he has a wider chest which we believe will help alleviate bloat. And we added diversity testing into our program as soon as we learned of it. We tested Pierce and our next female Montrose for diversity, and found it a category 10 (which is the best you can get in non relatedness) So we hope this helps also in Addison's, but didn't know about the Addison's dx at the time we made that decision. We are encouraged that we can move forward, increasing our health outcome for the next generations of puppies.


Now moving on to: 

Litter 1- Montrose/Pierce (Colorado Mountain Passes Litter)

10 puppies born 

only 4 born alive

All 4 so far have been healthy smart and happy. No reports from owners, but puppies are only 5 months

we don't understand what happened with this litter, but we had two undeveloped, and 4 deceased but extremely skinny, Puppies were all well under normal range weights


What we believe:

Rose was not at all interested in food while pregnant with this litter. I was constantly force feeding her to try to keep her nutrition, but toward the end, she just got very skinny. She didn't even begin to show until her 6th week of pregnancy, we didn't think she was pregnant. I believe that the puppies were malnourished, OR because Rose loves to run so much may have injured the puppies invitro while she was rough housing with the other poodles. We are going to monitor her much more carefully this litter

What we are doing now:

We are going to attempt another litter with Pierce and Rose, this time we have started Rose on OXYmate, and Pierce on OXYstud to boost their health and Pierce's sperm. So they are as strong as can be. We also have started Rose now on Diamond Naturals Puppy food to keep her weight on her. If we don't get a healthy pregnancy out of the pair this time, we will pause our program and reassess. I am happy to report that Rose has gained about 6 lbs. and is looking healthier than ever! We are praying hard that she has a successful second litter. 























If anyone desires to know more ifno, or would like to add to or correct any of these statements, please feel free to call me at the number below. I am always open to hear ideas, Or to elaborate on the things I know. Thank you all who have added to my research, by reporting, and to helping us improve this amazing breed that is SO underestimated and needs to be a healthier breed. We need to bring them back to the beginnings they had. Such regal, graceful, powerfully smart and strong, willing servants of the human. I just can't say enough about them. 


Teresa Despres

High Mesa Standards

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