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Little Cutie Pies


Our Puppies are going to have it all! While every puppy is different and has a different personality, we are going to try our hardest to ensure that you get a puppy that has been through EVERYTHING that he/she might encounter at your home, business, farm, condo, apartment, etc. We will start them from the moment they are born with imprinting them to human touch, breath, and vocals. We will never let our puppies out of the nursery until they are at least 8 weeks old(usually closer to     9-10), and have started to show confidence in this world we are living in. Our Job as conscientious breeders, is to ensure the well being of all of our puppies, which is why we require a home study, which usually includes a Facetime call, character references, and a full contract agreement to never breed your puppy without personal consent. You must agree as a responsible owner to Spay or neuter by the time noted on your contract from High Mesa Standards, and agree that if for any reason you decide this puppy is not for you, you send it back to High Mesa Standards. This is specifically to ensure that None of our puppies end up in a shelter, or worse, neglected at home with no love. This would break my heart.

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