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Subject to change

PRICING HAS CHANGED!!! (please go through the pricing again if you have been here before, our prices and conditions have changed. We reserve the right to refuse purchase to anyone and we will not sell to Doodle breeders, or Merle Breeders, or allow our lines to be used for such breeding.

We have tried to keep our puppy prices down to make them affordable for every family who wants a puppy. We are unable to keep the prices we now have due to rising costs of veterinary, gas, food, testing, showing, etc. Prices are now  $2,000.00 for any pick of the litter, no breeding rights, and spay/neuter contract. There will no longer be a higher rate for breeding rights, although, very few of those will be given.
No breeding rights will be granted without a full discussion about the plans of the breeder. Full Rights, if granted are to those who have been interviewed, plan to show and Title in Conformation, or other competitions, plan to fully health test to OFA standards,  both Sire and Dam, and MAY be considered  IF there is a breading quality Puppy Available . In such case, full rights will not be granted, and puppy will be on a co-own contract, until titling and testing is fulfilled and cleared.
High Mesa Standards has only quality puppies, there are no seconds, and no throwbacks. Please don't ask us to make exceptions or change our pricing or contracts.         

      Breeding quality, healthy animals comes with a high price to the breeder. You are getting an exceptional friend for the money, and every puppy comes with a 1 year genetic health guarantee. If your puppy comes down with any genetically tested  disease, we will review your case with, proof from veterinarian testing, and come to an agreement for compensation. Whether that means taking the puppy back for a full or partial refund, or helping with veterinarian costs.

Interested in a PRE-trained puppy?

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