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Puppy Adoption Contract, Mailing List, Wait List, and Application

 Availability will  be based on references, and High Mesa Standards reserves the right to refuse any buyer for any reason.

Litter number 2

due sometime mid- April. Go home somewhere around early July


1) High Mesa Standards
2) Sarah O'Neill-male
3) Tina Daniels
4) Melissa Stanley- Cream female, confident but biddable
5) Sara Hendrickson (wix-gmail)
6) Pat Clark- preferably female, but maybe male, Blue or Silver Parti
7) Josie -male Parti


Ready to apply for a puppy? please fill out this questionnaire to help us get to know you better

Litter Number 3

1) High Mesa Standards

2) Melissa Stanley- Cream 

3) Adri Joy-Female any color good with kids, can be larger lower energy but playful (messenger)

4)Bridgette Maharaj Lower energy, laid back, cuddly 

5Chris and Robert Amburgey

6) Jenna Smith- Service Prospect for children, low energy, calm obedient loves kids

7) Stephanie Anderson

Puppy Adoption: Welcome
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