We've Had a Breeding!!

Thank you For Inquiring.     

     Because of the rave reviews of the last litter, and how healthy they were, easy to train, loving,  etc. We have decided to duplicate the last breeding. If all goes according to plan, we should have this litter around March 21st.

       We are pretty darn excited, and know you will be too, So, if you are on the wait list, please let me know if you are still interested, and give specifics too please. I will not be offering extra training with this litter, because we have to have them leave for homes by 9 weeks this time.

Bandit's past puppies





Like I said above we have a breeding, and if all goes well, we will have the puppies in mid March. We have a large wait list, but I do not accept deposits until I know we have a puppy for you. I go down the list numerically and give each applicant a chance to say YAY or NAY to this breeding and to available pups. No money is accepted until a puppy is picked. If you are interested in being an applicant, please read my Puppy contract and ask to add your name to the list. I will be happy to do that. Click 


Breezy And Bandit "Rocky Mountain" Litter   9 total       

All in their new homes!            

below is Parker/Breezy 2019 litter


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