Puppy Report Cards:


Rocky Mountain Litter

is completely sold out. We are sorry you missed receiving one of these little cuties BUT we are planning another litter in April. Please ask to be on our waiting list, or check back frequently. 

Check weekly for pupdates ! Litter #PR23033309

* report in no way guarantees that a puppy has a certain type of personality,it just helps you to make the best decision for your lifestyle. Last Updated 11/29/2020


these will be Blue or silver partis

weight now    Activity level     Vocal level    SEX     16 lb                 high                      Med                 M


Hi! I'm Ouray!(pronounced You-Ray)I'm going to go live in N.E.Colorado! I'm so excited! 

I was the first out of the gate , and I'm going to be first at everything.I'm the most competitive, and I'm the most playful. I loves cuddles, and what I loves I gets!


not bullying, manners, sit, come and walk on a leash

weight now    Activity level     Vocal level    SEX     

17 lb,                          Med                       Med            M


Hello! I'm JERRY(formerly Mesa).I'm going to live in Ft Worth on a lake! I'm the biggest of the litter, and a chubby guy. I love my food. Everyone calls me the class clown because I make them laugh. I love attention and to snuggle.And I love to hug and nibble on your ear. I will surely win your heart

Working ON: Kennel!, and stay, wait, Quiet


Hello There! I'm OFF to my new home with my new family! It's a good life! I'm Aspen, pure gold, like the trees! I'm not a girly girl, I'm tough, and not a complainer. But I do love to be held and loved on.

weight now    Activity level     Vocal level    SEX     

                 high                   med              F

weight now    Activity level     Vocal level    SEX     

14 lb.                       Med                  Med-low       M


Howdy Y'all I'm Telluride!I Have a future as a STUD MUFFIN for High Mesa Standards. I'm going to meet my forever family next week and I'm staying close to home. My new name will be  Despre's High Mesa Telluride Attitude

Working On: Kennel, Stay, quiet, wait

weight now    Activity level     Vocal level    SEX     

 18.0 lb                  Med                       LOW             F


Howdy everyone! I'm MARBLE aka Marley! I am such a beauty inside and out. I can't wait to meet my new family!I was going to go to a breeding home, but didn't make the cut! I'm perfect as a pet though, and I have had all my basic obedience already. I sit. stay, come, down, up, off, leave it, and kennel.I'm doggie door trained, have my first shots, and all appropriate worming. I can't wait to get a family to love! 

\Working On: Kennel!, stay wait, and it's hard to train her to be quiet because she is very quiet already

weight now  Activity level   Vocal level   SEX     

.               High                MED             F


Hey! I was Breckenridge, "Breck" for short.I Am OFF to my new home in TEXAS with my new family loving life! My new family calls me "PICKLES" I am easy going and like to analyze situations. I'm super active. I want to be where all the action is all the time.

weight now  Activity level   Vocal level    SEX     

13 lb   .                high                MED             M


Hi! I'm Vail,or will be better know as "Little man Finn" I am now starting some more advanced training because my owner opted for the "TURNKEY" puppy option. I'm learning fast. I'm the smallest with the BIGGEST sweetest heart! I'm very smart, and most of the time willing. Some days I just want to be loved, but with coaxing I agree to work.

Working On: Canines are just poking through, Kennel, quiet, COME, and wait

weight now    Activity level     Vocal level    SEX     

12.5 lb.                  Med            med-high             F


Hey! I'm Montrose, "Rose" for short. I have teeth now! I am different than my siblings because I am not only a tuxedo pattern, but I have caramel brindle running through my black, so, that also makes me a Tri color. I have a life of luxury ahead of me

Working On: Eating hard food. I don't care much for obedience training, and I don't always come, so extra training for that, but stays the best, slow responder

weight      Activity level     Vocal level       SEX     

13.5 lb               Med                   LOW              F


Hey Ya! I'm Pagosa! My New name is going to be Piper! I'm going to live in New Mexico with my new family! I'm a true Parti girl,and I just wanna have fun! Now, I get to Party with my new fam!

Working On: OFF stay wait and shes already fairly quiet. really loves obedience training


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