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e's High Mesa Telluride Attitude

Available Stud to approved females only

Meet Telly, He was so special we couldn't let him go, He has been added to our program, Of course all of his testing has come out clear and  well. He will add a bit shorter body, and that beautiful tuxedo pattern, and personality of a servant, but also has great drive with an obedient heart, He has earned his Championship in his first show, and has completed all of his CHIC testing PLUS some, and diversity testing with BETTERBRED. He has sired a first little which produced 8 multi color puppies and one appears to be a phantom, two sables, 4 partis and a black abstract-all of the partis and abstracts could be blue, or silver. It's too early to know. and  He will be 4 in August 2024. We are excited to see what else he brings.


Sir Arthur Pierce Maxwell KTN



Pierce- Black Parti Standard Poodle. Standing 24 1/2 inches and 50 lbs,  is a very fun-loving, active male. He adds so much flavor to our bunch. He came to us without many manners, but in such a short time, he has picked up everything we have taught him AND we brought him to his first show ever, where he performed amazingly, and was so willing to do anything I asked of him. He has now shown in two shows, picked up 90  points and two competition wins needed towards his Championship ( 100 pts and 3 comp wins needed for champion)

In conformation, he adds a wonderful angulation in the rear, nice shelf, high tight feet, a really nice top line and shorter loin. Everything we have been looking to improve on our line. We could not be more pleased. He also is very healthy, and adds a little more in the sporty category. Still, he has a wonderful fast off switch, and is very mellow inside. He LOVES a challenge and loves to learn, and be handled. He loves to GO everywhere with us and rides in the car like a champ. We can't wait for you all to meet him, and to see what he and Rose produce for Pups. We will also be offering him for stud, as he is fully tested and has his OFA CHIC number check out his testing                        

Also, Check out his Pedigree here


High Mesa's
General Fenzenheimer


Sweet and handsome Finn! He is out of our first litter between Breezy/Parker, He is guardian homed in Denver, Co. By my Sister and Brother-in-law



He is a looker, with a sweet disposition. He brings us the TRUE silver parti color, and impeccable show quality lines. When having Finn genetically tested, we were disappointed to find that he is a carrier of DM, which is only a problem if he is paired with another DM carrier. We have decided that we may still use him to continue the beautiful silver lines we have between Breezy and Parker. If we decide to use him for stud in the future, every puppy produced from their litters, will be genetically tested before going to homes and any puppies who carry the dm gene will be spayed or neutered before their first heat(for males by 6 months). No breeding rights will be given on DM positive puppies for safety's sake. 

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