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Despre's High Mesa Mighty Odysseus

Upcoming stud

Odysseus Is one of High Mesa's up and coming Studs. His dark rich color hasn't yet faded a bit, and we're hoping it doesn't. We Love Ody's  happy nature and his lovey dovey way. He is extremely smart and willing, and His guardian home is always teaching him something new.He has just started out his show career, and didn't do bad for his first show! He is in Denver and will be available for stud pending his hips/elbows testing and a few others. His genetic testing is clear on all the diseases we tested for, and his eye test came back normal. We love him, and know you will too!


Despre's High Mesa Telluride Attitude

Upcoming Stud

Meet Telly, He was so special we couldn't let him go, He will be added to our program, of course that is if all of his testing comes out well. He will add a bit shorter body, and that beautiful tuxedo pattern, and personality of a servant, He has not been able to show in Colorado, because Covid has closed all the shows. I know when he is able, he will show well!


High Mesa's
General Fenzenheimer


Sweet and Handsome Finn! He is out of our first litter between Breezy/Parker, He is guardian homed in Denver, Co. By my Sister and Brother in law. 



He is a looker, with a sweet disposition. He brings us the TRUE silver parti color, and impeccable show quality lines. When having Finn genetically tested, we were disappointed to find that he is a carrier of DM, which is only a problem if he is paired with another DM carrier. We have decided that we may still use him to continue the beautiful silver lines we have between Breezy and Parker. If we decide to use him for stud in the future, every puppy produced from their litters, will be genetically tested before going to homes and any puppies who carry the dm gene will be spayed or neutered before their first heat(for males by 6 months). No breeding rights will be given on DM positive puppies for safety's sake. 


Mr. Sinbad Rose


Bandit is a Colorado Boy.He is tall and lean and will add a little bit of height and neck to Breezy's(Dam) shorter stature. His face is very male-ish, which is something I wanted to add into these pups too. He has a lover boy personality and enjoys people.He produces beautiful puppies that are healthy and sound which is one of my main objectives, along with a Conformation correct frame,

Bandit is a blue Parti, but like my girl, has a silver face(which I love) He also carries phantom and brindle patterns. He is the Sire to our expected August 2020 litter! He is health tested and found clear of the genetic diseases tested for, and Hips and elbows Good and Normal.